QACE 2014

Defy Ordinary

What is QACE?

Queen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (QACE) 2014, Defy Ordinary, aims to motivate delegates to explore their entrepreneurial visions by presenting them with the opportunity to develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills. Through a number of hands-on workshops and a group-based product pitch competition, delegates will develop their skills while exercising their entrepreneurial ability.  
Established within the last seven years, QACE is a three-day student-run conference held from September 25th to 27th that has expanded to become one of the most anticipated conferences held by the prestigious Queen’s School of Business.

Corporate Partners

QACE would not exist without the essential partnerships it creates with its sponsors each year. QACE relies on its Corporate Partners in order to make sure it can run the best possible conference for its delegates. The conference promotes creativity, ingenuity and exposes delegates to an area of business that they do not explore in their formal educations.

Past Sponsors

Past Corporate Partners


The theme of entrepreneurship covers a wide variety of topics and business sectors ranging from fashion, entertainment, and packaged goods to corporate finance, engineering and marketing. This provides QACE the opportunity to recruit high profile speakers to deliver value to delegates of various disciplinary backgrounds. Our dynamic speakers teach students to step outside the ordinary, look for new opportunities, and evaluate risks.

Past Speakers


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