The Queen’s Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship conference is Canada’s first undergraduate entrepreneurship bootcamp.


To keep moving. QACE annually brings together 80 of the most promising young entrepreneurs from top universities across Canada and provides them with unparalleled resources, tools and recruitment opportunities to keep moving forward.


From November 17th to 19th, we hope to not only inspire and educate our delegates, but also provide them with the tools to realize the future they want to see.
The theme for QACE 2016, Fail Harder, captures the struggle many entrepreneurs must face. We’re sure you’ve heard the stat that 90% of startups fail; well, 90% of entrepreneurs don’t. They pick themselves back up and start all over.

This year, we aim to highlight the obstacles even the most successful entrepreneurs have had to weather on their journey to success. We want to show delegates that companies like AirBnB, that are currently valued at $25 billion get rejected time and again when looking for first round funding. We want to encourage delegates to Fail Harder as the best way to learn is through failure.
Shweta Choudhury 
Noah Flatt
Austin Wright
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