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By Bella Kolias 30 Oct, 2016

Hey everyone!

First I would like to start off with some exciting news about our conference coming up soon.

I am super excited to announce that QACE (Queens Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship Conference) delegate apps are due tomorrow, with our conference being held on the weekend of November 17th-19th. This year we are really excited to have the CEO of Smokes Poutine as our keynote speaker, as well as our gold sponsor being EY and a sponsored event from Molson Coors. It is going to be super fun and a great chance for you to network, meet and learn from others in the industry. Feel free to contact Bella Kolias or Denise Macheras for further questions. Also, we have sponsorship from Dropbox and N36 just to name a few.  

Secondly, I was reading online articles and thought these were pretty intriguing and definitely worth the read. 

1.     3 Ways Doing Your Day Job Well Helps Launch Your Dream Business                                                               

This articles is about how working 9-5 will improve the success rate of your industry, even if you have a regular job you are still on your way of developing the commitment for your startup.

2.     Brad Feld and Steve Case: Fear Can Paralyze or Propel Us                                                                                            -

During a fireside chat in Denver, Brad Feld, Steve Case and a panel of rising female CEOs discussed what keeps them up at night. 

3.     20 Habits Holding Me Back From Being a Millionaire  

How would you like to become a millionaire?

We all do. But, most of us, including yours truly, have bad habits that get in the way of accomplishing this feat. If you’re able to ditch these bad habits, you should realize that obtaining a millionaire status isn’t as elusive as you may have thought

Hope everyone had a great halloweekend. And definitely checkout the application for our conference this year. It will only take 30 mins of your time and it will be a great weekend. 



By Bella Kolias 10 Oct, 2016

Welcome to The Pad, an online database for everything about entrepreneurship. We have included news, job recruitments, conferences to attend and much more. The Pad is a blog by a group of university commerce students at Queens University affiliated with QACE (Queens Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship Conference). This will be a source to get more information on us, and the entrepreneur world. Also, our conference coming up in the end of November.

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